Matt Monaghan

'Did you see the firestorm that rushed through the trees? Use a telescope to see the smoke in purple spiraling plumes. Did you see that thunderstorm? ...sent shivers down my spine. You can see the moon from here, the colours fading with time'.  

song: The telescope dream

'The insects are swarming on the oak tree below. The dead leaves of autumn with nowhere to go. In a cityscape, made of stone. Where magpies and jaywalkers roam'. 

song: The National Geographic

I warm the Louvre, those Paris roofs, ruins of Rome and Budapest tombs. I melt the ice in Dublin, sign my name across St. Pauls, those northern lights, the Zugspitze heights, I warm them all.  

song: The Sun's Story, Matt Monaghan

A Bit About Matt Monaghan

Matt is from Manchester UK. Never far from a guitar, ukulele or piano, Matt is a passionate songwriter. Many of Matt's songs themes take in a strong natural, scientific themes. Outer space, urban environments and quiet forests are where his songs unfold. Matt loves spending time with his young family. He also devotes time to teaching scientific details to a wonderful bunch of teenagers. 🙂

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'the lost boundary' 
'these strange sounds'
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