Listen- Live demos 'contes urbans':

voice/matt monaghan
Bass/Carlos kaño
Drums/Carmé Padro


MORE LIVE demos: Tempesta sessions

Some facts About CODi:go.

Formed 2018, Barcelona, Spain by Matt Monaghan.
Signed to daftladrecords May 2020
Voice: Matt Monaghan
Guitar: Matt Monaghan
Bass/Voice: Carlos Kaño
Drums: Carmé Padro
Demo recordings carried out Félix Menéndez at Picnic Studios, Sabadell Spain.  

All songs written by Matt Monaghan. 

Codi:go are a three piece band from Barcelona, Spain. They play alternative, original rock songs. Fronted by Matt Monaghan , with Carlos Kaño on bass and Carme Padro on Drums. The emphasis here is punchy, catchy indie rick songs with melodies that stick firmly.  We hope you'll come and see us live in Barcelona during 2020 and beyond. 

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